A small introduction

Ike Lemuwa

An Angel investor/ Former Investment Banker/Author, Magnetic Newage Hypnotic Mass Media Campaign Coach. Ike Help CEOs, Board of Directors, Celebrities, Corporations and Government Agencies Search and recruit and train 12 Extraordinary Highly Gifted Special Advisors, and gets them ready Before his clients have a need for their skills and valued service.

“Getting your tactical Team Carefully selected, trained and ready is the best way to win any competition.No Nation waits until they are ready to go to war before they start recruiting and training their best support forces. We help you select the best and get each ready to help you succeed”

Ike Lemuwa is an all around successful and professional businessman. Currently, Ike is the CEO of the Ike Lemuwa Community Fundraising Coaching Group. However, before he began his climb up the corporate ladder. Ike was hard at work making a name for himself






Years Experience